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Lawmaker Wants Barbie Banned in W.Va.

Lawmaker Wants Barbie Banned in W.Va.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - Barbie could get an unwelcome present for her 50th birthday: outlawed in West Virginia.

A state lawmaker proposed a bill Tuesday to ban sales of the iconic Mattel doll and others like her.

The proposal from Democratic Delegate Jeff Eldridge says such toys influence girls to place too much importance on physical beauty, at the expense of their intellectual and emotional development.

A Mattel spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday. The Barbie doll officially turns 50 on March 9, and the toy maker has made big plans this year to mark the anniversary.

Barbie has had her foes over that half-century. Critics say the doll promotes materialism and an unnatural body image.

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 Never mind that three of the above sentences are a single sentence. (Sintence?) Overlook the fact that toys should not be where children are looking for realistic body images. Ignore Barbies amazing run of high education careers. 

 These people are considering banning this toy for being too pretty. Can't we just go back to being fatter and more illiterate than Mississippi quietly? Is it necessary to broadcast the dysfuntional status of our leadership this often?


That is crazy! But not surprising.